BRICS+ from below -> Analysis

University of Johannesburg Bunting Road Campus (@Kerzner complex), 21 August, 9am-5pm

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Our objective is to deepen analysis of the central problems we face in the world today, with reflection on their amplification (or potential amelioration) through the BRICS. As the BRICS+ also emerges at the Johannesburg Summit, new forms of geopolitical strife, tyrannical rule and carbon intensity present new challenges to progressive forces. A profound skepticism of ruling-class politics unites us, whether we live in the BRICS, BRICS+ or anywhere on earth. This distinguishes our work today, from explicitly pro-BRICS analysts whom we find typically avoid the contradictions.

Proceedings of this event will feed into a book/journal project with an anticipated December 2023 publication date. A 'reader' of relevant works, covering all the ideological standpoints, will be transformed into a full-fledged edited collection of original scholarly essays, as was the case in 2015 and 2019 in which major books emerged following our brics-from-below deliberations.

Three new 15-minute videos prepared by Uhuru Productions for the brics-from-below community will be screened throughout. 9-11am: Introduction and Panel 1 on geopolitics

The BRICS face the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Speakers: Ilya Matveev (Univ of California-Berkeley); Lesya Karpenko (Ukrainian Association of South Africa); Kathy Brookes (SA independent); Dale Mckinley (International Labour Research and Information Group)

11-11:30am: Tea Break
11:30-1:30pm: Panel 2 on environmental and economic justice

The BRICS, ecocide and political ecology

Speakers: Sydney Chisi (Reyna Trust of Zimbabwe); Kennedy Manduna (Wits University); Sarah Bracking (Kings College London); Makoma Lekalakala (Earthlife Africa); Cleopatra Shezi (Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee); Patrick Bond (UJ Centre for Social Change)

1:30-2:30pm:- Lunch (and Democracy Now! broadcast)
2:30-4:30pm: Panel 3 on BRICS influence over the neighbourhood and world

BRICS politics, society and political economy

Speakers: Ana Garcia (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro); Trevor Ngwane (UJ Centre for Sociological Research and Practice); Mike Kwet (UJ Centre for Social Change); Patrick Bond (UJ Centre for Social Change)


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