Argentines Begin General Strike Against President Milei

Telesur English 24 January 2024

His policies are aimed at reducing the provision of public goods, deregulating the economy, privatizing the national heritage, and eliminating labor rights. His policy intentions are summarized in the "Omnibus Law," a bill aimed at reducing the provision of public services and goods, deregulating the domestic economy, privatizing the national heritage, and eliminating labor rights.

From 8:00 am, members of the Truck Drivers' Union have been stationed on Mayo Avenue and around the Congress, making their voices heard with drums and horns.

Starting at noon, people will gather in downtown Buenos Aires where various social leaders will deliver public speeches. Security Minister Patricia Bullrich warned that her forces would deploy an anti-protest protocol.

To ensure respect for civil rights, Federal Judge Ernesto Kreplack urged authorities to refrain from issuing orders to security forces that involve "filming and/or intercepting people in public spaces for the purpose of identifying and/or searching them without prior judicial order." This strike is the first general mobilization since 2019, has the support of hundreds of social organizations, and takes place 45 days after Milei assumed the presidency. Argentinians residing abroad announced that they will join the protests. "A demonstration of support for the Argentine people. NO to the 'Urgent Necessity Decree'. NO to the Omnibus Law. Argentina is not for sale!" reads a poster hung in Toulouse, France. "For democracy and the implementation of social and human rights. NO to the dismantling of the Argentine state. The country is not for sale!" expressed Argentinians who called for a rally at the Mint Square in Brussels, Belgium. Argentinians residing in Germany are also preparing a "pot banging" event in Galandrellianlage Park, near the Argentine embassy in Berlin, starting at 3:00 pm local time.


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