Brazilian Workers Protest Over the Closure of Ford Factories

Workers protest against the closure of plants managed by Ford automobile company, Brazil, Dec. 12, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @Agitacion_
TeleSur 13 January 2021

Ford unexpectedly announced the closure of 3 factories, which will result in the dismissal of 5,000 workers.

Thousands of Brazilian workers from Ford Motor company Tuesday protested the unplanned closing of three factories, blaming President Jair Bolsonaro for aggravating the economic situation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

About 3,000 workers concentrated in front of Ford's Camacari factory in the state of Bahia, while around 500 workers mobilized at Taubate factory in Sao Paulo. Both factories will close immediately.

Bahia's Metalworkers Union President Julio Bomfim described the closure as a "crime" against 12,000 direct and indirect jobs, urging authorities to investigate state credits and tax exemptions granted to the company.

"Ford executives themselves told us that the closure is due to the economic instability and uncertainty of the federal government," he added.

Ford unexpectedly announced the closure of its factories, one of which will continue operating until the last quarter of this year in Ceara to support pieces' replacements.

On Tuesday, President Jair Bolsonaro claimed that Ford did not tell the truth about its decision, noting it wanted to continue receiving subsidies of about US$4 billion.

Ford's exit will imply extraordinary expenses of US$4.1 billion for paying dismissals, rescissions, tax credits, and trade agreements.

"The closing is a demonstration of the Brazilian government's lack of credibility, clear rules, and legal security," Lower Chamber President Rodrigo Maia said.


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